Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Import License Certificate

Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Import License Certificate (LMPC Import License)

Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Import License / LMPC Import License Certificate

LMPC is the abbreviation for Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity. As per Rule 27 of Legal Metrology’s packaged Commodity Rules, which were enacted in the Department of Consumer Affairs, it is a requirement for all companies that import packaged goods that are pre-packaged to India. It is also mandatory that authorization for LMPC Import License Certificate be made before 90 days of the beginning of the process of importing the packaged goods.

Even though the requirements for the LMPC Import License Certification the rules, laws, and regulations that must be followed are defined in the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 Some states have implemented new laws to aid in fulfilling the requirements as per the state’s requirements.

Requirements to Get an LMPC Import License

If the business that is engaged in the importation of products has to distribute or sell its products in a specific state, then it must obtain an LMPC Import License Certification from the state’s Controller. If they distribute or sell it across more than one state, in that scenario the company applying for registration needs to submit an application for registration to the Director of the Central Government, with the help of the Local Controller.

In addition to the registration of importers, manufacturing companies and the packaging companies for the pre-packaged items are also required to apply for an LMPC Import License Certification.

Benefits Of Having an LMPC Import Certification under Legal Metrology Act, 2009

The following are significant advantages of getting an LMPC Import Licence Certificate in accordance with the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 —

  • Reduction in Transaction Expenditure
  • Promotion of the importation of products within the country
  • Generating Government Revenue
  • Reduction of Technical Obstacles to Importation
  • The growth of Consumer Trust in the required brand that is being distributed, imported, or sold.

Necessary Documents required for the Registration of LMPC Import License Certification

This is the list of documents required to be submitted for registration of the Import License Certificate of LMPC for businesses involved that deal in the importation of packaged goods from India –

  • A Trade License or Manufacturing License (also known as the factory License as well as Lal Dora Certificate from either MCD, NDMC, DDA, and so on.
  • If the applicant fails to obtain the MCD License. A statement of undertaking must be provided to prove that the property of the company is in the confirming zones and won’t need to be sealed or moved in the near future.
  • Directors or the Proprietors of the company or Partners’ Residence Address Proofs via Voter Identification Cards Adhaar Cards passports, etc.
  • Registration Proof of GST or Sales Tax.
  • The materials used in the packaging of the product including Labels, stickers, and so on are to be put on the packaged item.
  • MoA of the Company.
  • Partnership Deed for Partnership companies.
  • The Code of Importation and Exportation.
  • Formal passport-size photos of all Directors or Partners and Proprietors of the Company will be combined with all JPG images to create just one JPG image file.

The following documents aren’t obligatory but they are necessary to register LMPPC Import License Certification for companies involved in the importation of packaged goods from India –

  • Commercial Premise Proof.
  • Receipt for all of the compounded or challaned offenses If there are any.

Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Import License Certification Registration Process

The process for applying for import Certification is different from state to state. In certain states the application submission system is online. If the online application system isn’t available in the state of application then the company applying must visit the Legal Metrology Department Office for submission of the application. The applicant can engage CliniExperts to assist and facilitate the process of registration and lessen the possibility of being denied the issue of the LMPC Export License Certificate.

Businesses involved that deal in the importation of packaged goods that are pre-packaged in India are required to submit their address and name to obtain an LMPC Import Certificate of License within the Central Government or under the Controller of Legal Metrology from the applicable state. Following the approval of the application, The Director of Controller is the authority to register and records the required data, i.e., the name of the company that is importing and the correct address to grant permission to issue the LMPC Import Licensing Certification.

The validation time for an Import Licence Certification must be at least a period of one calendar year i.e. 12 months and a maximum of five years i.e. sixty months.

Exemptions for Registration of LMPC Import License Certification

Below are the exemptions to the registration in LMPC the Import Licence Certification to companies involved in exporting pre-packaged goods to India The following are the exemptions for registration of LMPC Import License Certification

  • If the net weight is less than 10 milliliters or 10 grams.
  • Producing Packages for Agriculture that weigh more than 50 kilos.
  • Fast food is cooked in a restaurant is packaged in restaurants or in a hotel.
  • Chemical formulations that fall within the Drugs (Price Control) Order 1995.

The Chapter 2 section of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 is exempted for

  • Packages that weigh more than 25kgs which is equivalent to 25 liters but with the exception of fertilizer and cement packages are available in packs of around 50 kgs.
  • Packages of Industrial Consumers or Institutional Consumers.

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