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Best Clinical Trials / Clinical Research Company In India for Drug, Medical Device, Biologicals, Cosmetics, Food in India

Best Clinical Trials / Clinical Research Company in India

Clinical trials are crucial for discovering new treatments for any disease. They help to test the safety and effectiveness of a variety of drugs and devices. CliniExperts has been pioneering clinical research in India since 2018. We adhere to all ethical and regulatory requirements. We provide clinical research services for a variety of product lines including Drugs and Medical Devices and IVD and Biologicals and Consumer Claims.

We at CliniExperts, in line with the ethical and regulatory compliance required to undertake such researches, have been paving the way for clinical trials in India. CliniExperts offers clinical research services for various product lines, including Drugs, Medical Devices, IVD, Biologicals, Food, Cosmetics, and Consumer Claims. 

What are clinical trials / clinical research?

A clinical trial is a research study that involves people and is intended to evaluate a medical, surgical, or behavioral intervention. These are the primary way researchers determine if a new treatment such as a new diet, drug, or medical device (for instance, a pacemaker), is safe and effective. A clinical research is often used to determine if a new treatment has more beneficial side effects than the standard treatment.

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4 Types Of Clinical Trials Or Clinical Research Services at CliniExperts Research

Drug Clinical Trials | Clinical Research For Drugs

It can be difficult to test new drugs. It is time-consuming and expensive. You must also adhere to many procedures. To conduct a clinical research trial, you need the right partner. CliniExperts makes it possible to conduct successful clinical researches for a range of drug categories in India. These include New Drugs (fixed-dose combinations), Investigational New Drugs (subsequent new drugs), and Fixed-Dose Combinations.

Medical Device / IVD Clinical Trials | Clinical Research for IVD / Medical Device

India has three main categories of medical devices that require a clinical investigation: Class B, Class A, and Class C. It may be required for Class B, C, and D devices in certain situations. CliniExperts has a number of services. Our focus is on high-quality trial design and delivering a broad range of services. We provide support to the sponsor to launch their own Medical Devices as well as in-vitro diagnostics.

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Biologicals Clinical Trials | Clinical Research for Biologicals

Biologicals, which are considered new drugs in India without undergoing a clinical research, cannot be launched. Biologicals include blood products, DNA products, and stem cells & cell-based products. CliniExperts Research Services will assist you in expediting your clinical trial in India for biologicals. We can also help with grant permissions and approvals.

Consumer Claims | Cosmetics Clinical Trials | Food Clinical Research

It is important to establish trust and brand value with customers by using certifications. However, certifications can be complicated and take a long time. CliniExperts provides clinical research services for food, drink, cosmetics, and cosmeceutical items to make the process simpler. Our expertise includes GI Analysis (SPF, UVA/UVB Analysis), Nutritional or health Benefits Analysis Analysis, Immunity Claims, and Anti-Aging Claims.

Why do we need clinical trials?

  • For the development of new treatments, clinical research are crucial. Without clinical trials, it is impossible to determine whether new medicines are safe or effective, or whether a diagnostic test in a clinical setting works well.
  • Clinical trials allow for monitoring and testing of the effects of interventions on large numbers of people. This ensures that there is no one-off effect and that the intervention has a lasting effect on many people.
  • Clinical research is the basis of most modern medical treatments. Clinical research has led to the development of new treatments for many diseases and conditions, including heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and asthma. Many new treatments are discovered through clinical trials. They can help people live longer, have less pain, or even be disabled.
  • By raising the standards of care, clinical research can help improve health care services. Clinical trials provide a platform for hospital staff and doctors to learn best practices in patient care. Internationally, clinical research in India are recognized for providing high-quality patient care.

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