FSSAI License Renewal Online

FSSAI License Renewal Online, Food License Renew – FSSAI Renewal Application Process, Documents, Fees

FSSAI License Renewal Online - Food License Renew

To start a food business such as sale, import, distribution, manufacturing etc., you will require a food license from FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India). This license must be obtained by the FSSA Act (2006).

A license granted under the FSSAI Regulations becomes valid for 1 to 5 years from the date of issuance. The fees you pay for food licenses will determine the validity of your licenses as per your requirement. The term period can vary. To continue operating their business, FBOs must renew their FSSAI Food License before the expiry of the validity period.

The option to renew the license can be availed 180 days before the expiry and FSSAI license renewal online application is only granted if submitted at least 30 days before the expiry date. Late fees of Rs. 100 per day will be charged for any renewal after the deadline. 

Being FSSAI Authorized Agent, our experts are aware of the ever-evolving requirements of FSSAI licensing, compliance, and food claim approval which ensures licenses are granted at a faster pace with lower number of queries from the authority. 

Why Do You Need FSSAI Renewal?

The FBO must ensure the FSSAI license is active before requesting a renewal. Any delays could result in severe penalties. If the FSSAI license owner fails to renew before the deadline, the food license will be invalidated. In this instance, the FBO will be unable to continue its food business operations  after the expiry date. Renewal after expiry is only possible subject to the annual return submission and no renewal in any case is possible after 180 days of expiry. It is recommended that you stay updated about the renewal of your food license. 

3 Types of FSSAI Registration/License & Their Renewal

FSSAI Registration Renewal

The FSSAI Registration covers FBOs with less than 12 lakhs annual turnovers and low production capacities as defined by FSSAI for different categories FBOs are required to renew their FSSAI registration.

State FSSAI License Renewal

Food Business Operators whose turnover falls within Rs.12 Lakh to Rs.20 Crores usually are eligible for the State FSSAI license. FSSAI license renewal fee depends on the kind of business (KoB) and the validity of that license.

Central FSSAI License Renewal

FBOs with more than Rs. 20 crores turnover are eligible for the Central FSSAI license. Certain KoBs like import, proprietary food, E-commerce, food Supplements etc. require mandatory central license. They will also need to renew their Central FSSAI License before the expiry of their validity. This category has the maximum annual fee.

Documents Required For Different Types Of FSSAI Food License Renewal

Food Registration Renewal Documents

  • Any update in the previous details
  • Any other document specific to the license and KoB that might be required due to changes in FoSCoS licensing and compliance system

State or Central Food License Renewal Documents

  • FSMS Certificate or plan 
  • Update of details of nominee (Form IX) 
  • Any other document specific to the license and KoB that might be required due to changes in FoSCoS licensing and compliance system

Procedure for Renewal - FSSAI Renewal Process

  • The renewal application can be filed on the FoSCoS portal.
  • After receiving all required documents, the authorities will examine the application. To ensure that all details are accurate and disclosed, the authorities may arrange for an inspection of the premises.
  • After completing a satisfactory scrutiny of the application or inspection, the authorities issue the FBO a renewed food license/registration.

Fees for The FSSAI License Renewal

FSSAI registration or license renewal fees are the same as obtaining a new registration or license. The price of a license or registration varies depending on the food industry’s annual sales and manufacturing capabilities. Each year, it can range from INR 100 to INR 7500 plus taxes, per annum

Benefits of FSSAI Renewal License

The FSSAI license needs to be valid at all times in order to carry on with the food business and hence the need for timely renewal is of utmost importance. 

Not renewing your license timely could lead to an expired license and you would need to pay heavy penalties post that. Moreover, if you fail to renew the license even after 180 days of expiry, you can never renew that license in future and are required to go through the licensing process from scratch to apply for a new license. You would not be able to retain the old license number. 

The FSSAI license usually brings with it the following benefits:

Assure Consumers’ Confidence

People are now more motivated and interested in healthy food products. FSSAI license ensures that the product/company must be complying with the license requirements in turn leading to quality products.

Evades Legal Penalties

The FSSAI has established some norms and regulations for Food Business Operators (FBOs) which includes licensing and compliance. Not having a food license/registration/renewed license or not abiding by the regulations could lead to heavy penalties. All laws and regulations are valid from the point of view of the law. The following laws and regulations are in place to ensure food is safe for consumption. FSSAI registration is now a mandatory legal procedure.

Boosts Brand Value - Adoption by the Public

The FSSAI certificate gives the consumer the impression that the food is suitable for consumption; therefore, they accept the food your company sells. The FSSAI also leads customers to assume that your company’s food has government approval.

Inspect The Quality

FSSAI inspectors inspect the product of Food Business Operators to verify their quality (FBO). FSSAI-registered brands make customers feel more confident, which leads them to believe that the product has the best quality.

Growth of the Business - Improves Business Expansion & Diversification

FSSAI license makes it easier for the Food Business Operator to obtain bank financing to expand their business. FSSAI License allows the FBO to improve its market standing and expand its business.

FSSAI's logo - Assists In Achieving The Benchmark Of International Organisation

FSSAI offers customers a guarantee of food safety and high standards. The emblem adds the benefit of food safety and security for human consumption.

How Does CliniExperts Help With Renewal of FSSAI Food License?

CliniExperts can help you through the whole process of online FSSAI License renewal and will also guide you in every way possible. The experts will not only assist you but will also be there to support you throughout the process.

CliniExperts will share the document checklist with you and file the application after conducting the gap analysis and bridging those gaps. Being FSSAI consultants, we are well aware of the ever-evolving requirements of FSSAI licensing and compliance, which ensures licenses are granted at a faster pace with lower number of queries from the authority. 


The FSSAI has created a comprehensive system for registration and permits when all the conditions have been met. Renewal is required if you wish to keep your food business legal and in compliance with FSSAI laws. The license’s validity period typically lasts between one and five years.

Operators are unaware of the importance of renewing their FSSAI license, as they were when they first received it. An FSSAI License must be renewed during the validity period. 

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